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Un jeux vidéo (Rpg solo) 7th sea

Message Publié : Dim 19 Juin 2016, 20:03
par pierrot
John Wick a annoncé ces derniers jours l'arrivé prochaine d'un jeu vidéo (Rpg solo) dans l'univers de 7th sea. Il sera financé par une plateforme participative. Voici la News (en anglais) :

7th Sea: Voyage of Fortune’s Star

Today isn’t just a huge day because we’re releasing the 7th Sea Core Rulebook... it’s also a huge day because we are embarking on an entirely different kind of journey.

In association with Fuel.Tech and Nocturnal Media, we're pleased to announce 7th Sea: Voyage of Fortune’s Star, the first 7th Sea video game. Fuel.Tech and Nocturnal Media will jointly produce the game, which will be a story-driven, single-player cRPG in the vein of Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Yup, you read that right: a single-player 7th Sea RPG.

Nocturnal Media is well know to tabletop gamers as the new home of Stewart Wieck, founder of White Wolf and co-creator of several World of Darkness games. Stewart is also a project creator on Kickstarter, including Hellywood (currently live!), so he knows what’s required to run a project that keeps backers engaged and informed. Fuel.Tech has worked with clients that include the world’s largest energy and technology corporations and now they bring their expertise to bear on their passion: games. We’re so excited to see them bring Théah to life.

We’ll keep you updated as they launch later this year, but we encourage you to sign up for their email list to hear more about this awesome new 7th Sea experience.

La newsletter est ici :

Re: Un jeux vidéo (Rpg solo) 7th sea

Message Publié : Sam 05 Nov 2016, 16:22
par Daemonkarl
Hooo !!!
J'espère que l'histoire sera à la hauteur; au moins du même niveau de ce qu'a fait Weisman sur les Shadowrun Return/Dragonfall/HK, qui sont juste géniaux (pour les 3 la narration est juste terrible :) )